State of Online Marketing in Nigeria Banking Industry

Today's customer journey has changed and has many touch points. Sometimes customers make as much as 15 different interactions with a brand before they decide if they are going to do business with that brand or not.

As a result of this, businesses must reconsider the way they market and respond to the demand of the customers in today’s information age.

To assist major players in the Nigeria banking industry get a clearer understanding of the status of their online marketing state, we release this preliminary analysis of the prominent banks in Nigeria and what state their online presence is. Some of the things you will see in this mini-guide include

  • How much monthly traffic each website is getting?
  • What is their bounce rate?
  • What is their Domain Authority?
  • How much unique referring backlinks each website has?
  • How much is their organic traffic-an indication of how much you would have paid for buying the keyword through paid advertisement.
The result shown in this guide will give an overview and help your marketers direct their focus.



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