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VTNS Solution is a full fledged SEO service company in Nigeria

Our Mission

To make sure our client website rank #1 or #2 in whatever industry they choose to play so they can grow their business.”

Our Vision

To be the leading Search Engine Marketing firm with distinct capability to bring you online solutions that grows your business

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Our history

My name is Theresa Amusu and I am the Co-founder and CEO of VTNS Solutions, a search engine marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC, Link building and Conversion Optimization.


I started VTNS Solution in December 2012 to solve real business problem thereby enabling businesses to grow .This we do by ensuring that your business through its website attracts the right kind of traffic, ranking and links that will position the company’s products or services to gain the customers it deserves.VTNS Solutions started as a simple web design company. We were providing web design solutions for our customers when we realize we could do more for them. We wanted to help them grow their customer base while not spending tons of money acquiring them.

That gave birth to our first service; Search Engine Optimization. But as part of our desire to do more, in the course of the years, we have added more services to help you maximize the potential the digital world offers to grow your business.

That is why we partnered with Google to offer PPC (Google Adwords Services) so clients have the advantage of using Paid advertisement to drive their growth. Other products that are equally essential which we have introduced includes link building service, conversion optimization, technical audit as a standalone service and consulting services


Our Core Values



Our primary responsibility is to our clients



We are driven to succeed in all our project.We are only successful when our client is successful



Our customers are always first and we ensure that they remain #1 in all the industry they choose to play in

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