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Pay per Click or PPC as it is commonly called is an Internet Marketing method where you pay to place your adverts on a vendor websites and you are charged when your advert is either click on or when your advert is shown. PPC is an effective way to drive traffic to your website when you do not have the luxury of waiting for clients to find your website on their own accord. With a well structured PPC Campaign, you can quickly get your services and products across to your customers fast.

Want to show up on the first page of Google fast? Then Paid Advertisement might just be the right option for you irrespective of how competitive your keyword are.

Pay per Click Ads or "Banner Ads" is one of the fastest means of targeting customers and converting this clients to generates real-time results. When coupled with organic SEO, no other advertising media is as effective for acquiring and capturing sales leads. Our deep experience in paid advertisement will place your advertising campaign in such a position that will help maximize your campaign’s performance. We’ve developed a three-step process that incorporates ad creativity, offer development, and assist with designing an optimized web landing page to create a powerful lead generation funnel.

This Paid Advertising approach is a great way to target very precise audience in your area that are searching for the products and services you provide.

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Advantages of Using Pay per Click Adverts

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Our Paid Advert Solutions.

VTNS Solutions team comprises of Google Adwords Certified Professionals. Our focus is to create result driven ad campaigns. Some of our Paid Advert Solutions includes are:

  • Google , Yahoo and Bing Adwords
  • Text & banner ad development
  • Optimized web landing page & registration form
  • Campaign performance measurement & optimization