Nigeria Law Firm SEO Case Study

law firm seo case study

In this case study, you’ll learn how in only six months we increased traffic to a law firm’s website by 2000% and how their business is now steading acquiring customer through SEO.

Law firms depend on web traffic for leads but the number of active lawyers has
increased 15% over the last decade. These days, to rank on Google and have a
law firm’s website stand out from the crowd, the SEO needs to be on point.

It didn’t require a huge investment and it wasn’t as hard as you might

Ready to learn how we did it? Let’s get into it!

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This Nigerian law firm reached out to us at the beginning of 2020 to help outrank their competitor on Google. The site has been existing for long but no SEO has been done and the owner realizes that some competitors were already dominating the first 3 pages including appearing in Google Local Pack.

When we officially started managing their SEO, the firm’s organic traffic was
just less than 500 visitors a month.

They wanted to increase their online rankings to drive more qualified traffic to their website, ultimately getting them more leads and clients.

Our SEO Process

1: A Comprehensive SEO Audit

Our first step with any client is to complete a full SEO audit of their
website. We need to know what we’re working with before strategizing and
planning any campaigns.

Right away we knew that the legal industry was a very competitive space.
Through our audit we found out that to rank locally in their city for the
phrase “law firm,” it was going to take an estimated 50 backlinks
to get inside the top 3 spots.

The firm website had not done any backlink activity before so it was clear we needed to build a strategy around on we were going to achieve this but this was not much a problem as link building was one of our core areas of specialty.

2: Onpage SEO Fixes

We work smarter for our clients by identifying the right keywords.

The website already had some pages but these pages were lacking in-depth and had poor Onpage SEO issues.

What we did was to begin the process by content mapping. We carried out a comprehensive Keyword Research and based on the agreed keyword, we set to fix all the pages on the website.

Our client wasn’t buying ads for this campaign but we identified some valuable keywords during our research. The keyword “law firm in Lagos” had a cost-per-click or CPC of $20, telling us that if we could rank for the term, it would be very valuable.

While that dollar amount might sound astronomical, you have to remember that the legal industry is a highly competitive space. When law firms are making thousands of dollars from clients, $20 (and sometimes much higher) is an investment they can easily make a return on.

3: Competitive Gap Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing provides valuable
insights. A competitive gap analysis will help show you areas that your
competitors are doing better than you in.

We found there were 852 unique keywords not being used by our client. Most of these were keywords having to do with location-based and service-based laws, which was one of their legal specialties. We built content on their website based on the keywords we found to start driving targeted traffic.

What excited us even more about discovering these keywords was how they
could help us generate ideas for blog posts for the client’s website.

The Winning SEO Strategy

The reasons our clients love us is that we offer an advanced SEO strategy, a dedicated campaign manager, and full access to campaign reports.

With the guidance of their campaign manager, the law firm took advantage of our training to understand how to create content in the house that would help them provide value to both clients and also position such content to acquire links. We also paired this with our guest posting services ensuring that the client was able to land guest posts on relevant sites which is one of the most effective ways to boost your site up the SERPs.

Our guest posting product fit their campaign so well because it’s fully

Understanding that SEO involves both Onpage SEO fixed and OffPage SEO fixes, they knew traffic won’t skyrocket overnight. But immediately that started seeing the result, they were blown away

Our Results

What we observed in this case study was textbook SEO.

The client’s organic traffic was in the 500s when we kicked off their
campaign in now ( June
2020) it is more than 2500 per month and continues
trending upwards.

That’s an organic traffic increase of over 2000%!

By using a combination of our foundational link building strategy, on-page SEO, and Technical SEO,  we were able to push extremely valuable keywords into the top 10.

The client’s referring domains kept climbing up!

and traffic also kept increasing!!!


This law firm came to us for help with boosting their rankings and traffic and help them acquire more customers.

Link building is the key to search rankings and we also knew that building the right links will help them grow
their authority. In the end, we boosted their
organic traffic by over 200% and put them at the top of the
SERPs to help them get more leads and clients, with them featuring #1 on Google Map.

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