Looking for SEO training in Lagos, Nigeria? Then get trained by Google certified expert at our learning center.

VTNS Solutions is Nigeria’s premier SEO company that offers practical SEO class for people who want to become SEO specialist in Lagos, Nigeria.


Search Optimization is one of the most sought skill employers are seeking according to Linkedin 2015 survey of the most important skills employers are looking for.

In order to help SEO professionals keep up with the latest trends, our training academy offers both advanced and beginner SEO classes to help them stay up to trend with the lastest SEO techniques.


When you sign up for our SEO Course, you get access to the same proven methodology we have used to rank numerous website. You will learn how to optimize your company website to the top of search engines. All classes are practical and hands on. From the first day, you get an understanding of what search engines look for in a website and how to use this knowledge to beat your competitors.


#1 SEO Training in Nigeria

We know Search Engine Optimization can be confusing and while there are lots of information out there, you need to be able to separate the gold from the dirt. Learning SEO at our Institute gives you the right insight you need to know the difference. We bare open our processes and you learn the exact strategy we use when working on our client’s website.
Not only do you get to work with seasoned professionals but you also become part of our SEO consultant partnership access when you sign up for SEO Course.


The SEO Course Objectives:


  1. Understand Search Spiders and How they think.
  2. Conduct Detailed SEO Audit on any website.
  3. Implement Technical SEO to optimize any Website.
  4. Write good body content.
  5. Conduct and design a link building strategy.
  6. Understand the Intersection between SEO and Other Online Marketing Channels
  7. Understand and create analytical reports for actionable insights.
  8. Rank a website on Google’s first page.


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SEO Course Content


  1. What is SEO and How Search Engine Works?
  2. Setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics for Actionable Insight.
  3. Developing an SEO Strategy for any Website.
  4. Advanced Keyword Research Process.
  5. Implementing Technical SEO.
  6. Content Creation and Marketing Strategies
  7. Developing A Link Building Campaign for any Website
  8. Conversion Optimization
  9. Preparing an SEO Report
  10. Preparing an SEO proposal and selling SEO

VTNS Academy consists of SEO practitioners with specilisation in SEO and PPC.